Atanas Atanassov

Born on 15.09.1955 in Sofia.

1980 Graduated "Krustio Sarafov"
National Academy of Theatre and
Film Arts, MA in Acting in the class of
Prof. Sasho Stoyanov.
1980 - 1985 Actor at Drama Theatre, Sliven
During this period he performed in plays by Moliere, Shakespeare, Yovkov, Shukshin, Vazov, Dostoevsky.
1986 - 2000 Actor at the Theatre of Bulgarian Army, Sofia.
2000 - 2002 Actor at "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre.
since 2002 Free lance actor.


Since 1985 he has taken part in performances at Little City Theatre "Off the Channel", Theatre 199, Youth Theatre, "Tear and Laughter" Theatre, "Aleko Konstantinov" Theatre of Satire, "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre.

Some of his major roles during this period are:

Theatre of Bulgarian Army

  • The Attache in "Herr Puntila and his Servant Matti" by Brecht, dir. Leon Daniel
  • Pozo in "Waiting for Godot" by Becket, dir. Leon Daniel
  • Topaze in "Topaze" by Marcel Pagnol, dir. Nikolay Lambrev
  • Dragalevski in "Duel" by Vazov, dir. Nikolay Lambrev
  • Jester in "As you Like It" by Shakespeare, dir. Leon Daniel
  • Hamlet in "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, dir. Nikolay Lambrev
  • Henry in "Henry IV" by Pirandello, dir. Krikor Azarian
  • Trofimov in "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov, dir. Krikor Azarian
  • Tartal in "Pretty Green Birdie" by Gozzi, dir. Nikolay Lambrev

"Ivan Vazov" National Theatre

  • Lorenzaccio in "Lorenzaccio" by Musset, dir. Margarita Mladenova
  • Hristoforov in "At the Foot of the Vitosha Mt." by Yavorov, dir. Margarita Mladenova
  • The Man in "Verona" by Shipenko, dir. Yavor Gurdev
  • Orsino in "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare dir. Robert Sturua
  • Niagul in "Albena" by Yovkov, dir. Ivan Dobchev

Little City Theatre "Off the Channel"

  • Fedya Protasov in "The Living Corpse" by Tolstoy, dir. Bina Haralambieva
  • Mark in "Art" by Yasmina Reza, dir. Plamen Markov

Тheatre 199

  • Dealy in "Old Times" by Pinter, dir. Nikolay Poliakov
  • George in "Same Time Next Year" by B. Slade, dir. Georgy Mihalkov
  • Lyman in "The Ride Down Mt. Morgan" by Miller, dir. Bina. Haralampieva
  • Victor in "Autumn Sonata" by Bergman, dir. Mladen Kiselov
  • The Man in "Marriage Play" by E. Albee, dir. Boiko Bogdanov
  • Uber in "Life in Three Versions" by Y. Reza, dir. Yavor Gurdev

Youth Theatre

  • Strindberg in "The Night of the Tribads" by Nurren, dir. Krassimir Spasov

"Tear and Laughter" Theatre

  • Naiden in "Masters " by Stoyanov, dir. Plamen Markov

Theatre of Satire

  • The Man in "Quartet" ("Еurosport") by D. Shpiro, dir. Bina Haralambieva
  • Pierre Lan in "L'amante anglaise" by Marguerite Duras,dir.V.Viharova
  • "ЕXODUS", dir. Gianluigi Calderone
Participation in Cinema and TV

Some of his leading roles in cinema are in the films: "Characteristics", dir. Christo Christov, "Akatamus", dir. Georgi Dyulgerov, "The Lot", dir. Ivanka Grubcheva, "Warming Up Yesterday’s Lunch", dir. Kostadin Bonev, "Emigrants", dir. Ivailo Christov and in the TV series: "Home for our Children" and "Unrelenting", dir. Nedelcho Chernev and "Church for Wolves", dir. Nikolay Lambrev.

Participation in foreign films
  • East-West , dir. Regis Varnier
  • Vercengetorix , dir. Jacques de Lore
  • Comedy of Love , dir. Valeria Sarmiento
  • Kefalonia , dir. Kalver Salidzatto
  • Soraia , dir. Ludvigo Gasparini
  • Marry and the Kids , dir. Jean-Louis Bertucelli
  • A case according to conscience , dir. Luigi Perreli
  • Sako and Vantseti, dir. Fabrizzio Kosta

Awards received for the roles in the performances:

The Prosecutor, At the Foot of Vitosha Mountain, The Night of the Tribads, An Attempt For Flight, Pretty Green Birdie, Wet pants, Art, Masters, Eurosport and others.


Since 1991 Tutor in Acting at "Krustio Sarafov" National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia. Produced on stage of the Academy Theatre the following performances with student cast: Golgotha after E. Tomova, Shitashi after K. Abe, Ottelo after Shakespeare, The wake of Jamey Foster after Beth Hanley.
1996 Awarded academic title Associate Professor.
2002 Awarded academic title Professor.